Joe or 690ADV

My Best friend,  whom I grew up with as kids we were inseparable on everything! He got an Honda XR-100 and BAM.... thats how it all begins at the age of around 13 years old! That's him in the middle pic, he is a guy who always has your back in good or  bad, he is the reason for what I do in my Dual Sport life. I can't thank him enough for bringing me back into the light of motorcycles and camping! I am 20 years old again going on 48..... To all my other buddies we ride with and you know who you are, you are the best and I thank you. Here you will always get the honest info to the best of my and our abilities, within my group we have over 30+ years of riding and outdoors experience to hopefully help 1 or 1000 new or old dual sport riders.