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Ironborn Textile Motorcycle Jacket Review


Viking Cycle Textile Jackets... At first glance of their website, you would scan through and see their textile jackets and say to yourself, 'That is a nice looking jacket. I could see my self wearing one of those!'

Then you see the PRICE, and you say to yourself, 'That jacket cannot be of any quality...' 

Well, guess what?  It's been tested and passed the 690 Gear Approval!

Don't let the price fool you! See below for the great features you usually only see on more
expensive jackets in the marketplace.

I don't fluff anything in my reviews. If it's bad, it's bad! This Viking Cycle jacket, although not perfect, is 
definitely on the right track to being a quality budget jacket!


Viking Cycle have definitely hit where quality style meets budget, and that's exciting!

Jacket Build Quality

The IronBorn Jacket from Viking Cycle is made from tough 100% 600D Polyester coated by PU (polyurethane) that is wind and water resistant.  I must say that I did multiple videos in 40 to 50 degree days and never once got chilled. To be completely honest, I was quite comfortable! The jacket is surprisingly lightweight for all the armor in it, and the inner liner is just fantastic. The backing of the inner liner feels like a rubber coating that should bead any water that may find it's way into the jacket. A great feature to keep you nice and dry on your back!


Pockets Galore!


The IronBorn Jacket has probably more pockets than any jacket I have ever owned, and I have had a few! The IronBorn Jacket has 4 Pockets in the front, 2 top pockets, and 2 hand pockets below.


But the real deal is when you open the jacket. Inside, it's just a slew of pockets for all kinds of stuff... like a tablet pocket! What? Yes, you read that right... A tablet pocket! That's kinda cool to have that option.


The inside sports 4 pockets, including a tablet pocket that's padded. In addition, the IronBorn jacket has 2 sleeves you can use for a knife holder, a glasses sleeve, or whatever you want. It also has pass through holes for running ear buds up to your helmet.  There is plenty of storage inside the jacket for whatever the ride!

Awesome Inner Liner

The IronBorn Jacket has probably the coolest Inner Liner / Thermal Barrier I have seen, and I just love it. I think everyone should do this to their riding jackets. The IronBorn Jacket has a rubberized coating on the back side of the liner. It will repel water away from the back if water gets in, and not only that, but it also keeps wind and cold out and away from your back! It's way cool, and I like that feature. Plus, it feels cool to the touch! 


Air Vents


The IronBorn Jacket has pretty good air flow through the jacket with its 4 vents. The IronBorn Jacket has 2 vents on the sleeves and 2 vents in the rear. That's pretty standard for most jackets, and it does do a good job. I like the mesh in the jacket vents, as it seems pretty solid. I would have liked to see maybe 2 more vents in the chest for those hot days, but none the less it works with what is has.

Jacket Armor

The IronBorn Jacket has pretty good armor inside. It feels nice, and it's flexible so it's not a stiff non-bending armor. It's removable. That's super nice when you need to clean your jacket, or if you just want a jacket that's a jacket, you can remove it.  And if you needed to replace something, it's not sewn in. 


Heat Sealed Zippers


The IronBorn Jackets zippers are heat sealed and water proof, from what I can tell.  Anyone who really rides knows that a long day in the rain will have even the best zippers fail some. The zippers on this jacket are smooth, easy to open and close, and the rubber catch is a nice touch when closed!

Overall Summary


The IronBorn Jacket... What are my final thoughts of this jacket after riding with it for over 2 weeks? Is it a buy or a dud? Who is it for? I don't fluff anything, so here is my 100% evaluation of this jacket.

The IronBorn Jacket from Viking Cycle is a 9 out of 10 and a 100% buy from me.  Who is it for?Just about everybody!


Let me explain how I came to my decision:


1: I went to the website and used their sizing chart to do my measurements and I must say it was spot on.


2: The price of these jackets is off the charts! I am still trying to figure how they've got this quality of jacket at under 80 bucks! (Better buy one now before they go up in price one day.)


3: Shipping was fast and it arrived well packaged.


4: Is the jacket a cheap build item? Nope. The jacket honestly feels nicer than some of my $200+ jackets.


5: The inner liner I really like a lot. It is my favorite part of the jacket. The rubber like coating is a nice touch!


6: Although there are only 4 vents, they do work. Adding 2 more would have been a nice touch, but it's not a deal breaker.


7: Pockets inside are nice with plenty of storage for just about everything.


8: The zippers are smooth and heat sealed which you find in more expensive jackets.  The rubber slide ins are nice.


9: The armor feels good. I'm not sure if its kevlar or not, but I do know that it's better than no armor.


And the best for last... 


10: The PRICE! $79.99... For the life of me, I cannot see how they do it! But they do, and this jacket is an absolute steal at this price. The textile jacket line is my cup of tea, and they have more than just this jacket, so check them out and pick one up. You will be very happy with your purchase! Tell them 690 sent ya!